Years of playing small, your self-esteem is constantly challenged. You have been labeled as shy, socially awkward, introvert, wallflower or loner. For years of putting yourself in a box, you think your self-worth means NOTHING.

You work in a job that does not inspire you because you think you are smart enough. You hide behind your shadows afraid to be seen or even voice your opinion for fear of being judged. There's usually a past experience or a subconscious memory or a childhood moment that has contribute you to play small and hid away from your desires. 

I know in the depth of your heart you are ready to be comfortable in your own skin, ready to be brave and pursue the life that you really want in LOVE and career. 

 However, there is still a lot of hurt, frustrations and your worthy 'Ometer is down to a zero [maybe a 4 on a good day].  I can support you to heal your life disappointments, release insecurities and negative self-talk so you are able to be emotionally capable with life's ebbs and flow.

Let's Change ...