Hi Friend, I'm Lyn. A lifestyle coach + my girl crush is Ruby Rose. 

my home is always messy coz I'm a terrible housekeeper... I mean housewife, a wallflower at social events but I'm now comfortable in my own skin and I enjoy dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld.

Alright, so, you're a good mum, but you feel like you are not good enough. You feel resentment + worries as your childhood days as a wallflower has effected you. You look into your child’s eyes and you see yourself or who she might grow up to be …and it’s a bit scary. You don’t want her to become just like you. Low self-esteem, unconfident and unsure of herself.

In my experience, a lot of who we become as adults stems from our childhood or a life experience that our subconscious bury. We have a great responsibility as mothers, we need to heal our own childhood hurts, embrace all of who we are and become the loveable, happier + peaceful mother.

My intuitive coaching process support wallflowers to claim their self-worth so they can live an epic lifestyle.

I support you to heal your life disappointments, release insecurities and negative self-talk. And so you can become a more loveable, happier and peaceful mother.

Years of playing small, your self-esteem is constantly challenged. You have been labeled as shysocially awkwardintrovertwallflower or loner. For years of putting yourself in a box, you think your self-worth means NOTHING.

You work in a job that does not inspire you because you think you are smart enough. Perhaps you're a stay at home mum and you have a sense of identity loss and worthlessness because you're not fulfilling your passions. You hide behind your shadows afraid to be seen or even voice your opinion for fear of being judged

There is still a lot of hurtfrustrations and your worthy 'Ometer is down to a zero [maybe a 4 on a good day].

Here's the thing, you catch yourself making parental mistakes that seem to be all too familiar. How do you teach love, confidences, and courage when you feel you don’t even embody these qualities? Work with me on a deeper level on the essence of enoughness and worthiness. Not just as a mother but has a woman who has many shadows and is ready to bust with love for herself.

Your values are innate in your soul. To teach love, you must become LOVE.
As mothers, we need to our heal the wounded child within to release our insecurities and negative self-talk. Becoming an embodied mother is knowing our worth as a woman and being unconditional love to ourselves.
— xo Lyn Shah Myers