Hey, I’m Lyn and I’m a life coach.

I support shy introverts struggle with self doubt to create an online presence with a strong mindset, less tech confusion n with little money invested.

Ok, so since I was 8, I knew that I was not good enough.

I’ve always been categorised as not smart, too quiet, not bubbly, shy, introvert and even an anti social.

As a young child, my self worth was non existent.

I had no self belief or confidence that I could be ‘somebody’.

Fast forward to later in my life…

After graduating from BYCA, I felt that I was too dumb to create an online business for myself because I was never the smartest. P.S: I would be the worst to partner up for trivia.

Not only did I felt that I was not smart enough, I couldn’t afford a swoon worthy website. I would diy my site and it would turn out amateur. But nevertheless, somehow, I managed to still spend thousands of money on silly plugin, themes etc [go figure…].

I would stay up late and cry because either I couldn’t figure the tech out or my site would crash or was I being hacked. It was a fucking nightmare. My website looked shit and I wasn’t working on my life coaching business… I was working on non client attraction stuff and not creating content that is relevant to my business that would ultimately bring in clients. Most of all, I struggled with my own poor mindset and my own fear of visibility.  

  • NOW, I have learned to hold space.

  • I have learned that not everybody is going to resonate with me,

  • or being trolled on Instagram that that my message about self-love is rubbish.

  • But most of all, I’m not overwhelmed by tech anymore nor am I wasting money of bullshit stuff that supposedly will help grow my coaching business.


I’m so passionate to teach and share with you everything so you don’t have to struggle.

I’ve watched thousand of hours of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, goggled every question about creating an online presence, I’ve invested on a lot of programs and eCourses about business and all the things somehow you were suppose to know and even hired some expensive business coaches myself.

So my friend, I believe people like us can achieve big things, command space and presence and still be who we are: a quite confident person online as well as offline.