A quick snapshot about me:

Since I was 8, I knew that I was not good enough.

I’ve always been categorised as not smart, too quiet, not bubbly, shy, introvert and even an anti social.

As a young child, my self worth was non existent.

I had no self belief or confidence that I could be ‘somebody’.

Fast forward to later in my life…

After graduating from BYCA, I felt that I was too dumb to create an online business for myself because I was never the smartest. P.S: I would be the worst to partner up for trivia.

Not only did I felt that I wasn’t smart enough, I couldn’t afford a swoon worthy website. I would DIY my site and it would turn out amateur. But nevertheless, somehow, I managed to still spend thousands of money on silly plugin, themes etc [go figure…].

I would stay up late and cry because either I couldn’t figure the tech out or my site would crash or was I being hacked. It was a fucking nightmare. My website looked shit and I wasn’t working on my life coaching business… I was working on non client attraction stuff and not creating content that is relevant to my business that would ultimately bring in clients. Most of all, I struggled with my own poor mindset , my own fear of visibility and got sick very often. I had poor health and had no self belief to “show up”.

But the one thing that frighten me the most, was that, I was going to receive hate mails, being trolled hard on social media, getting caught out as a fraude and judgements from randoms (worst still; family and friends)

  • NOW, I have learned to hold space.

  • I have learned that not everybody is going to resonate with me,

  • i work through my feeling when i’m being trolled on Instagram that that my message about self-love is rubbish.

  • I’ve learned that body and mind are connected when it comes to personal growth in love, health and wealth.

  • I’m no longer feel overwhelmed by tech anymore nor am I wasting money of bullshit stuff that supposedly will help grow my coaching business.

  • But most of all, I’ve made connections with like minded women despite being a major shy introvert myself. Creating my own kind of community and loving life.